Dr. Gerald G. Gutsell:

Born and raised on the Northwest side of Chicago, Dr. Gutsell still makes
his home there with his wife of 35 years. He is the proud father of three

A Biology major, Dr. Gutsell received his Bachelor of Science Degree from
DePaul University in 1974. When asked why he wanted to become a Dentist
on the application to dental school, he simply wrote, "I like smiles". Dr. Gutsell
proceeded directly to the University Of Illinois, College Of Dentistry and
graduated in 1978. A continuous student, the following is a partial list of his
completed continuing education.

Crown & Bridge Over the Shoulder
CoreVent systems of Osseointegrated Implants
Bleaching of Teeth Using Home-Care Methods
Impression Materials and Techniques For Fixed Prosthetics
Current Concepts in Endodonic Practice
Principles of Occlusion
Crown and Bridge
Periodontally Involved Teeth as Abutments
Computers in Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
CPR Level C
Crown & Bridge Strategies &Technigues for Improving Esthetics
Restorative Applications of Dental Implants -Brandemark
Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy
Excellence in Practice
Alternatives to Managed Health Care
Restorative and Occlusal Therapy for Patients with TM Disorders
Salvaging Post Problems
Anatomy of a Smile
Status Examination
Occlusal Principles for Long Lasting Esthetic Dentistry
Seminar I Complete Concept of Dentistry
Seminar II The 10 Essential Elements for a Highly Effective Restorative
Considerations in Removable Prosthetic Designs
Panel Occlusion
Occlusal Equilibration
Tooth Preparations for Fixed Prosthodontics
OSHA: Blood-borne Pathogen & Tuberculosis Control Education
Problem Solving for the Restorative Dentist
The Art of Endodontics: Concepts & Techniques
Replace Implant system
CPR HealthCare Provider
Fixed Prosthodontics
Removable Prosthodontics
Management of Occlusal Problems and Facial Pain
Rubber Dam applications
Practical Painless Dentistry
Advanced Implant Residency
Clinical Update on Oralfacial Pain And TM Disorders
Precision Photography Dentists & Ceramists
Adverse Drug Reactions In Dental Practice
Alveolar Bone Loss in Male Cigar & Pipe Smokers
Dental Unit Water Lines, Disinfection & Recurrence
Maxillary Midline Diastemas: Causes
Alzheimer's Diseae, Dental Amalgam, & Mercury
Influences of Storage Conditions of Ekta+ & Ultra-Speed Films
In Vivo Degradation of Bleaching Gel Used in Whitining Teeth
Adverse Drug Reactions In Dental Practice: Antibiotics
Substance Abuse: Review for the Dental Professional
Sedation of the Dental Phobic / Oral Triazolam
Oral Effects of Tobacco Abuse
Infection Control
Infection Control in Radiology
Oral Manifestations & Dental Managrement of HIV Infection
Viral Hepatitis & Tuberculosis: Update for the Dental Practioner
Implant Supplies & Maintainence

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