Marianne Rasmussen, RDH

Marianne Rasmussen, RDH

Marianne joined our office in the fall of 2005. She is a registered dental hygienist.
She graduated from College of Lake County with her degree in Dental Hygiene
in spring 2005. Marianne is happily married and has 2 young children.

Lee Rizzo, THW

Lee Rizzo

Lee has been with the office since 1988. She is the clinical coordinator, and
is also skilled in all aspects of our practice. She is happily married
and has a daughter.

Lisa Deraedt, DA

Lisa Deraedt

Lisa has been with the office since Spring 2009. Lisa is the office coordinator.
She is also an experienced dental assistant. Lisa and her husband welcomed their
second daughters in 2016. /p>

Samantha Metti, DA

Samantha Metti

Samantha is a dental assistant. Although the dental field was new to her,
she has been interested in the dentistry. She has enjoyed taking on the challenges
and is skillful in dental assisting.

Josh Paul, DA

Josh Paul

Josh is the newest addition to our office. He is a dental assistant.
The dental field was also new to him. He has become skilled in dental assisting.
Josh is a recent graduate of North Eastern University.

Phil Von During, DA

Philip von During

Phil has been with the office since the fall of 2004, and he is a dental
assistant. He is a graduate from Columbia College and has is degree
in sound for film. Phil is native to Switzerland.